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Procreate Kawaii Art Style • Floral Brushes

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You can easily create this cute style floral drawings with this brush pack. I used this brush set to draw my popular illustrations on my fanart insta

Brush pack includes :

  • 6 item outline and corresponding block stamps
  • 20 floral stamps ( large flowers and flower buds )
  • -13 deco stamps ( leaves, glitters, etc)
  • Jewel brushes ( can also be used as stamp brushes - chain, gemstones. tag)
  • 9 coloring/ outline/ flower stem / halftone brushes

✧ original .procreate files of GAMEBOY Illustrations ( one with and one without flowers ) with all layers

How to use these brushes:

1) stamp outline

2) block stamp underneath

3) duplicate outline and drop colors in the bottom outline layer

  • add flowers and leaves

4) Add details on top with detail brushes.

5) I used dotted pattern for shadow and screen graphic

Everything you need to draw my cute style floral illustrations

steps how I draw with my kawaii floral brush pack

How to draw flowers with the flower and deco stamps. Use stem brush to draw extend stem with equal width

Includes original file x 2. with all layers ( gameboy with no flowers & gameboy with flowers 💜 )

add deco stamps ( flowers / glitters/ leaves )

Have fun !

Instagram @artbykimmyw

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Procreate Kawaii Art Floral Brush Pack

Kawaii Floral Art .brushset
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Procreate Kawaii Art Style • Floral Brushes

8 ratings
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